Shadow Shot Sunday, 4-12-2020


With a human shadow hot on him our oldest grandson reaches to catch a lacrosse ball.  Number one grandson is a senior in high school this year.  This was the last daytime game we were able to watch before everything was shut down by Covid-19.  No Senior Prom, no graduation ceremony, no lots of things because of some invisible threat.

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    And Blue Monday


What the heck, Ruby Tuesday!


It is a shame there is not an Orange U Glad Its Wednesday with the color of the other teams’s uniform.



Shadow Shot Sunday 2, 6-9-2019

Thanks to Magical Mystical Teacher for hosting this weekly meme, Shadow Shot Sunday 2.  This wild turkey hen was just wandering across the backyard of my sister’s home in rural Oklahoma.  I thought I heard it singing, “Me and my shadow”.  But maybe I had consumed a bit too much coffee.


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Memorial Day, 2019

Just a bit of roadside fun we see regularly on our drive to our son’s home.  Finally convinced the husband to stop and let me get a few photos.  Thanks to all the meme hosts for taking time to run the memes.

A moment of reflection on the hundreds of thousands of lives given in defense of the United States.



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Blue Monday

Blue Monday, April 1, 2019


powerful wings

give rise to watchful eyes

talons of death

©  petra domina

This photo is no joke.  It did need a bit of post editing to bring out details as the hawk was just lifting off from the water tower about 30 yards above me.  Hand held camera in 72 year old’s hands are not the best for distance shots.  Who cares, it was an exciting moment for the old girl to get this photo.  And then the gorgeous clear blue Texas sky.

IMGP7967 (2)

And then there were two!  Probably 100 yards away from the still shaky handed 72 year old who must carry a tripod in the future.

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Thursday Challenge 5-18-2017

“FUN (week 1 of 2)” (Playful,Funny, Sport, Merriment,…)
Thursday Challenge is a place for photographic fun and learning. A theme is announced on this site each week. You may either take a new photograph related in some way to the theme or select one that you have taken previously; Then submit your single permanent link here


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Kids, adults and even feathered friends having fun during spring break.