Coots and Storks

Taking precise photos of birds while in a moving tour bus is not ideal.  The following photos were taken on a rainy morning in Amsterdam.  The area is a small park where Rembrandt would paint.  The pond is named Rembrandt’s pond.  Moorhens Coots were enjoying a morning swim …  But the weather was plenty wet without the pond.

These storks were across the road from Rembrandt’s pond.

city tour amsterdam morning (69)

city tour amsterdam morning (92)A nest was nearby high on a pole that I just glimpsed as the bus drove from area.  We saw several nests of this type through out Europe.  In many areas nesting storks were a sign of luck.  Some areas of course additionally believed they brought fertility to the home where they nested.



Further into the tour the guide gave us a heads up to watch for a rather unlikely bird.   A quick click gave a drive by capture of flamingos at another park in Amsterdam.  Bonus shot of the back of Hubby’s head ; )


city tour amsterdam morning (28)

The weather was not always the most cooperative for taking pictures of the birds we saw.  Again, being in a moving tour bus made captures even more challenging.

Thanks to Anni for hosting


Wild Bird Wednesday

Thanks to host Stewart M.


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