Hi! Or as many in Texas say, Howdy!  I am a retired computer graphics person having been in the field since the late 1960’s.  After retirement I found myself missing the challenges of the ever changing world of computers and computer programs.  Eventually I began to participate in blogs where writing was a challenge.  Later I added photography blogs.  Raw and untrained describes even my best attempts in both these fields.  The most important thing is the pleasure and enjoyment of the challenge of attempts to improve.

You probably found this blog, birdbrain2015, through one of the birding memes.  Novice does not even describe my birding capabilities.  I do deeply appreciate birders and the photos of their finds.

Sights at 60 is another photo blog where I share photos from travels in North America and Europe.  Sometimes it has photos from just our daily life.

I Got Nothing was my first blog that was just mostly writing about whatever came to mind.  It covers the more personal parts of my life.  Recently it has been my chronicle of our first trip to Europe.

Thought Prints is the newest blog.  This is reserved for poetry, prose, haibun, haiku and other forms of writing.

All of this from the mind of an almost 70 year old woman in Central Texas.  A wife, sister, mother, grandmother and general pest to society!



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