Wild Bird Wednesday 201

This shot was taken from the boat as we cruised along the Main Canal near Kelheim.  I am no expert so I am guessing these are pink footed geese.  (update, votes say graylag goose)  The option is possibly the graylag goose.


Here are a couple of less clear shots that might aid in the identification of said geese.



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Eurasian blue tit


I could hear this bird singing from our room on a longboat on the Danube.  I finally located it in a tree on the far shore.  It was exciting to see this little beauty!


Distance, boat movement and a quick little bird made for a less than crisp capture!

Joining up with Anni’s

Thursday Challenge


University of Wisconsin Madison Arboretum

“GLASS” (Bottle, Container, Window, Mirror, Broken, Shattered,…)
Next Week: BEVERAGE (Coffee Maker, Cafe, Tea, Water, Glass, Wine Glass, Cup,… )
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