Great One 9-21-16

Just to be frank, it has been too darn hot to do anything outside our apartment for most of the last two months.  I caught sight of this heron as we drove past the pond next to our apartment.  Next trip out the camera came along for the ride.  The great blue heron did its best to hide from me.


A few yards to the right and the view was better.


Then The Great One said, “Are you looking at me?”


Ok, I get it.  You are looking for dinner and do not want an audience!


I left the Great One in peace to continue doing what Great Ones do.  How fortunate to see this beauty so close to home!

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Wild Bird Wednesday

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The Bird D’pot

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Heron and Cardinal

Saw a couple of herons this week at Lake Travis. Distance too far for a crisp photo with my limited long range lens. Was just a few yards from the second and no camera with me! Reminded me of the old commercial, ‘don’t leave home without it’.  A cardinal landed in the cedar trees surrounding the lake house.  Was able to get a couple of decent shots.



Thanks to Anni at I’D Rather B Birdin’

Crows at Dusk

Every evening I can watch the roosting of the neighborhood birds, crows, mockingbirds and doves.  Group after group will fly to the tops of the rooftops across the street east of my patio.  Last week the clouds in the east were reflecting the setting sun.  All I could get were dark shadows of the birds.  But sometimes for bird watchers flight against water colored sky is enough.  And the first three shots are SOOC.




A bird we came across in The Netherlands was in the children’s garden at Keukenhof.


An old girl just doing her thing!

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Eurasian blue tit


I could hear this bird singing from our room on a longboat on the Danube.  I finally located it in a tree on the far shore.  It was exciting to see this little beauty!


Distance, boat movement and a quick little bird made for a less than crisp capture!

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